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Remind the bride to enjoy her day and help her cherish every moment. The bride asked you to be her maid of honor because you’re clearly a very special person in her life -- celebrate her accordingly and put your duties aside at the reception to dance, have fun and keep the party going. Debbi Dougherty is the Head of B2B Marketing at for.

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  • 3 important and unique features differentiate maid of honor speech package as far out ahead of their competition. Those 3 exceptional, distinguishing features are giving your speech confidently and style, probably the most entertaining and exceptional maid of honor speeches and learn how to write a in depth <b>maid</b> <b>of</b> <b>honor</b> speech. Help organise the rabble and allow plenty of time to get the bridesmaids together for a fitting. Help with the Wedding Planning. Lend a hand and an opinion. Act as a sounding board for the bride to bounce ideas off. Be a Friend. Allow the bride to vent her stresses to you and help as much as you can.

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    A maid of honor takes on a ton of duties—and they definitely don’t stop the day of the wedding. From hanging up the bride’s dress after the reception to keeping her water glass topped off all day, don’t miss these must-do tasks to help out the couple, keep problems at bay and ensure everyone is having fun.